We offer many delectable items on our breakfast menu. We want you to leave our restaurant feeling absolutely delighted with our food and our service.


The CaBiN Mess

Homefries sauteed with onions topped with bacon, cheddar, two fried eggs, sausage patty and hollandaise sauce, served with grilled corn bread $9.29


Banana Walnut Pancakes

2 golden brown panckes topped with a homemde banana and walnut caramerl sauce $8.49          


Mexican Sliders

Layers of bacon,onions, fluffy scrambled eggs, peppers, and fresh salas topped with our ranchero sauce served on English Muffins with a side of our CaBiN home fries $8.29   


Big Will’s pancakes

All you can eat - start with a short stack, then eat as many as you can

(you must finish the plate, no sharing and no take home please) add fresh strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips for $1.00 add whip cream $1.00, ( you cna get a single plain pancake for $4.49)


Egg Sandwich with cheese on toasted hard roll $3.99, choice of meat add .99


Classic French Toast 

3 pieces golden brown vanilla-cinnamon Texas toast $7.49

(two pieces - $5.99)


Legendary Cabin Quattro     

 2 pieces french toast, 2 eggs your way, homefries, choice of meat $8.99


Sammie’s Wrap ’n Roll   

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, shredded potatoes & cheddar cheese in a toasted tortilla, served with homefries $8.29



 Steak & Eggs 

 seared sirloin steak, 3 eggs your way served with homefries and toast $9.69



LumberJack Breakfast   

3 eggs your way, 2 pancakes, homefries, toast and choice of meat $9.29


Classic RED CaBiN Eggs Benny

Farmland Ham topped with over easy eggs, apsaragus and finished with our Hollnadaise Sauce served on English Muffins with home fries $9.29


California Eggs Benny

two over easy eggs with shreddded potatoes, grilled tomatoes, spinach, guacamole topped with a sundried tomato hollandaise sauce served with toast $9.59


Belgian Waffle Combo

tasty Belgian waffles with two scrambled eggs, served a a savory sausage patty and homefries $9.29


Bill's Oatmeal Pancake Combo

freshly made Oatmeal pancake served with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs $8.29


2 Eggs and toast  - $3.09, 3 Eggs and Toast - $4.09

with CaBiN homefries add $1.00

With meat  add $1.75



*substitute egg whites or egg beaters - add $.59 per egg



                                                 - Omeletes-     

                                     3 eggs served with toast

                                      with homefries


Crumbled Crispy Bacon, chopped lettuce, diced fresh tomatoes, and  touch of light mayo $8.89


 The Irish

 Fresh baby spinach stuffed with crispy corned beef hash and topped with our Hollandaise Sauce $8.99


The Western

Farmland Ham, cheddar cheese, bell peppers and onions $8.19 


The Veggie

Fresh asparagus, baby spinach, onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and tomato served on a bed of meslcun greens $9.09


The Greek

Feta cheese, baby spinach, Bermuda red onions.tomato and olives $8.29         


Italiano Omelet    

sweet and hot ground sausage, onion, red and green peppers and mozzarellla cheese $8.39




                                                  Odds & End


CaBiN Homefries $3.19 

Assorted Bagels $2.25

Homemade Banana Bread $3.69

Breakfast Burrito $5.29

English Muffins (sandwich size) $3.29 

Corned Beef Hash $3.59

Assorted Cereals $2.25

Jumbo Homemade Muffins $3.49  

Warm Corn Bread $2.69    

1 or 2 Sweet Belgian Waffles $4.95/$6.75

Breakfast Burrito $5.29

100% Maple Syrup $1.75

2 pieces of ham, 2 Sausage Patties, 3 Sausage Links - $3.49

Bacon or Kielbasa - $3.79



                         Fresh Strawberry and Blueberry Oatmeal $4.99



                                                  CaBiN Cleanups 


Bottomless Coffee $2.49   

small milk - $2.89, large milk - $2.99

juice -  $2.59, large juice - $2.89

Teas  $2.49

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream - $2.49

Fountain Sodas  - $2.49 

Chocolate Milk. - $3.09, large chocolate milk - $3.19